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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

R S V P - ing

Responses are starting to come in now from all directions. Mostly emails and face-to-face responses so far, but there is still time. As a reminder, you can call me on my cell phone at 314.724.7791. If I do not answer, please leave me a voicemail and I will call you back. You may also email your RSVP to and I get those in my inbox. We are buying soda and would like there to be enough per everyone's preference so include that in your response. Also, if you want to let us know which part of the party you will attend; picnic, drunken debauchery or both; that's okay too, but not necessary. You can also use the "comments" links here on this page to RSVP publicly, as I will track those as well.

And to answer a question that some people may have; no, this is not a surprise party. Lisa is aware there is going to be a party in her honor, approximately where it will be and the date. There were early plans to make it a complete surprise but there are simply too many other things going on this month to accomplish all that would need to get done without her getting wind of it. However, she does not know how many people we invited nor does she know how many people have RSVP'eed (haha, I said 'peed' That is so funny!) So, there is a certain amount of surprise involved. In fact, she has not --to my knowledge-- even seen this web page!! SECRET -Although, I'm sure she will eventually..


If you'd like optional gift ideas, there are a few links in the sidebar to wishlists that she has on various shopping sites. I will also be uploading a file of gift ideas she specifically typed out that you can use. Thank you very much for everyone's help on this party. Stay safe!

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