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Friday, July 15, 2005

Blame the French

This last Monday and for several hours earlier this week, there were some ..'technical difficulties' on the server that this site is hosted on. Most noticably, this page wasn't here. MORE importantly, the email was also down or unresponsive for about twelve hours. If you sent in your RSVP by email on or around that time THAT MEANS I didn't get it. If you sent in your RSVP by email and have not yet received a reply from me directly THAT MEANS I didn't get it. It either bounced back to you or got lost in the internet ether. Please either send it again to or call me on the cell at 314.724.7791. Thanks for your patience.

My site is hosted with a good friend and coworker. He is the best system administrator I know and a confident security expert. However, nothing is foolproof. If you want to know who to blame, ... well, look at the title of the post. Ya froggy farts!

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