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Friday, July 22, 2005

And it all falls into place...

Finally, I can almost relax. Everything is in ... pretty much in place. Last night, Heather and I went on a mad mad crazy shopping trip to about six different stores. My feet still hurt. We were on a 'budget' and kept having to go back to stores we had already been to, just to make sure that we got the best deal possible.

However, for the budget we were on, there will be plenty of food and plenty of alcohol for the event. I even managed to squeeze out a few gifts for Lisa out of what we had left over. Now there are only a few minor details, a bit of house-work and yard work and the party will come together.

For those that RSVP'd and are going to attend, I want to extend a very big THANK YOU. I'm sure this will not be one to miss. The only problem I'm thinking about is the HEAT ADVISORY that will be in effect all weekend. We have bottled water and should be able to manage to survive the day. There will also be hand fans at the park.

Note: If you're paying attention, you realize that Lisa's birthday was actually yesterday and since we were shopping, Lisa got to spend the evening of her birthday mostly by herself taking care of the kids.

Sorry, babe.
However, I am confident she will see that it was worth it.

Final note: if you have not RSVP'd by now or contacted me in some way, left email, left message BUT you decide you want to come anyway... go right ahead and do that. You may want to call me on the cell (314.724.7791) on your way, but unless you are bringing your tribe of 15 or more, I won't mind too much.

Oh, and I almost forgot.. For those of you that might have some plastic stackable lawn chair type furniture, you may want to bring it to the party at the house. The park has picnic benches, but their bolted down (darn) and I may not have enough seating at the house. Not that we'll be sitting outside much...

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